Monday, October 13, 2008
Red Velvet Alphabet
So I have six and a half big squares, two letters and fourteen one over one squares to go.... even though I have been so lazy the past few weeks. I think it will be quite impressive when finished, and defintely I will work on something smaller for a change. I thought of starting a little one this weekend, but just didn't.

The weekend was fairly warm, and I went swimming both days, in my "private pool", as no-one else at the hotel was outside. It did actually rain yesterday afternoon - for the first time in more than a year - but I was swimming in the morning, it is very fine and sunny mid morning, and, although the water is cold when you first get in, you soon forget that.

I also did shopping, and went to Accessorize, Zara Home and Ulla Popken. Yes, I know, but at least I stayed out of Aerosoles! I suppose I shouldn't spend anything at all, given the bleak state of the economy, just in case our company decides to downsize or I lose all my retirement savings (which I think are worth less than they were, all the retirement funds have been hit, as far as I know - I am avoiding checking, as there is nothing I can do about it). I'm not actually planning to retire at 52, either voluntarily or involuntarily! 65 or even older is my current plan, since I like my job (mostly) and have a fairly good income.

Well, I guess I had better do some work, I am writing documentation about a financial function that I have been testing, and am trying to get the client to test.
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