Friday, October 10, 2008
One Week By Myself
I have survived, but goodness, I have been busy, and that is without any real production problems. There have been some queries to investigate, and I had to call our DBA for perfromance problems. Apart from that I have worked on existing problems and testing releases, plus preparing some change requests and a demo of a financial program. There is another person coming next week for three days to prepare a report on the resourcing required for this project, both from the client side and our side. That will be interesting.

As usual, I am tired, I have been getting up at 7, and once at 6:30 - that was yesterday, because we seemed to be low on water, and I wanted to be sure of a shower. Fortunately it was fixed by the time I got home last night, and water was flowing as normal, instead of trickling. I want to do some washing tonight or tomorrow, so that's good. The hotel manager was telling me the whole water situation is a nightmare, they never know when the pipes will be open or not, and there have been so many problems with the water pumps burning out and having to be replaced. Of course it will go on for the foreseeable future, as it still has not rained at all.

Nothing much to report on the stitching front, although I think I will start a new small piece this weekend, to help me through the rest of my red effort. I haven't bought anything much lately, this time of the year, it all seems to be halloween pieces, and that doesn't interest me at all. Occasionally I do a Christmas design, but they have to be really special.
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