Monday, October 06, 2008
Vacation Has Ended!
Well, Saturday I had a great time in the spa, it was my body wrap and pedicure..... the body wrap started with being rubbed with sage exfoliation salt, then covered in volcanic mud and wrapped up in clingfilm while I lay on the top of a hot bath. Then, after half an hour, into the shower to wash it all off, then get covered in body cream, my skin felt so smooth by that point. Then a really good pedicure that got rid of all the nasty bits on my feet. So, by the time I went into the Italian restaurant at the hotel for dinner, I was feeling really quite human again.

The Italian restaurant was great, I could choose a la carte, and had salmon followed by panna cotta. It was much nicer than the buffet dinner I had on Friday night - this was the only night I tried the buffet, and I was not that impressed, I thought it was crowded with the weirdest people and also really not that great. Funny, because the lunch buffets were nice, and not at all crowded. The breakfast was a buffet as well, of course, but that wasn't too crowded at the times I was there. But for dinner, the non-buffet restaurants were definitely a better atmosphere.

So, all good things come to an end, and I got a taxi back to Nicosia yesterday afternoon. Apartment is just the same as usual, except I had to adjust the shower head, since someone much taller than I am (Alec) has been there in my absence. I have unpacked and realised that I brought no black trousers back with me, extremely clever, I don't think, so that means a visit to Ulla Popken at some stage, since I have several black tops with me.

In to the office this morning, and had a meeting with the client, in fact there does not seem to be too many problems for me at present. They have signed for support until mid-November, so theoretically I could get to go home then... we'll see.
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