Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Back to Work
I have to congratulate myself on doing seven one over one squares yesterday! It took most of the day, after I had gone home and had a short sleep to get over the effects of the previous sleepless night. So really it is nearly finished, thank you to those who have sent me words of encouragement.

I decided to go home next Thursday afternoon, just for a couple of days, I need to go to the hairdresser and so on, and just generally be somewhere that is not Nicosia. The Cyprus Airways flight from here leaves in the morning, and is not good if you are trying to minimize time away from work, so I found a combination of Aegean and Air France via Athens, that will allow me to leave the office after lunch and get to my place about 11pm. Then I will catch the Cyprus Airways flight back on Saturday, which allows me to go to the hairdresser on Saturday morning. Again I won't get back to the apartment until 10pm, but I will have Sunday to recover, no matter how horrific the experience is.
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