Friday, October 24, 2008
New Clothes
The visit (or should we say visitation?) did occur yesterday, Yehiel and the BB rolled up about 9.45 am, having got lost on the way from the hotel to the office. They disappeared to talk to the management here for two hours, so I only saw them for about one hour after that, as they had to go to lunch with our local partners, then to the airport.

It was fairly stressful, as they did get yelled at, and Yehiel was not in a good mood, as BB had overuled him on some points. BB is right, though, actually he is good value, he has said I can do an SQL course, given that I am doing it so often now (mostly to correct data that people have done strange things to, but it's also helpful for explaining things to developers who think only in code). He even said I could go and do one somewhere, if that was an option, but all the ones on our company training page are in places like Milwaukee or Houston, so I think not. One of the online ones that they offer will be far more convenient.

After that (and also some strange results from strange batch jobs that our client had never run before and decided to do so for the first time in production), I decided to go shopping and called in at Ulla Popken. Result, one poncho:

It's for indoor wear only, to keep warm on winter evenings and weekends.

And one dress:

I hardly ever wear prints, but this is polka dots, which are OK for me (although not in navy-blue).
Apart from that, I have made more progress on Red Velvet Building Blocks, I will photograph at the weekend - although I think I may have to work some of the weekend. From having been not at all busy, I am now really quite busy indeed!

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