Wednesday, October 22, 2008
No Idea What Day It Is
Well, Yehiel and the BB are not here, and no-one seems to think this odd, which means that they are not supposed to be! I wonder, did Yehiel tell me the wrong day, or is it just that my grasp of time is so hazy? I would assume that they will arrive this afternoon and be in the office tomorrow, time will tell if this is correct.

I did some red stitching last night, and some sorting out of knitting and worked out that I have to finish some bags (yes, plural!) and a cardigan that needs one and a half fronts, a neckband and buttons. I found out that what Rosetta (client) does in the evening is Sudoku, apparently she is addicted and cannot relax without it - a bit like David used to be. I had jokingly suggested to her that she take one of my external designs home with her to review last night, as it would be more fun than watching tv, and this was when her evening habits were revealed. Interesting, as I know from a previous conversation that she does not cook, either, and now I know she does not watch tv. I don't know what she does about food, and I think she would have to do something, as she has a daughter who is about 12 - I guess the possibilities are husband (don't know if there is one), daughter, maid (pretty sure there is one) or restaurant. Anyway I recommended she try Killer Sudoku, I think it would be her sort of thing.

Back to the grind, I guess - that is a joke, as I really do not have a lot to do...
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