Tuesday, October 28, 2008
No Day
This is what today is, it is a Greek public holiday called "Ochi" Day and "Ochi" means "No". Cyprus has borrowed a lot of Greek public holidays, even though they really do not apply here. If you have read Captain Corelli's Mandolin, you will know what the occasion is, it is when Greece said No to occupation by the Italians in 1940. Questioning my colleagues, most have only a very hazy idea of what the occasion is.............

However the day is being thoroughly celebrated, with car horns for most of last night, a parade of school children marching through the city this morning, and lots of cars everywhere in consequence. The parade is rather military, there are some National Guard types and some very suspect "patriotic" organisations who march as well, but I tend not to disapprove on the grounds that it would be the longest walk some of these kids have taken since last year. Then everyone has gone to fill up the coffee shops, then I hope they will all drive home again and get their cars out of the city centre. Honestly a congestion charge here would raise enough to bail out Iceland in about a week!

I did drop in at work earlier to download a release, but there was no-one there, not even Andy, who comes to work seven days a week. So I downloaded my release, wrote a couple of emails, paid my television and habitation tax, and ordered myself a circular knitting needle kit. Now have come to a cafe for lunch and internet, but will go home soon, I hope to some peace and quiet. No-one in this country can speak below a roar or a scream!
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