Monday, November 10, 2008
Sunny Nicosia Again
I had a very brief trip to Paris, as I arrived at home after midnight on Thursday and left again at midday on Saturday. I should have arrived home earlier, but both planes - the one to Athens and the one to Paris were late. I don't think I have ever caught a plane from Larnaca that has been on time, and it seems Athens operates pretty much the same as well.

Happily coming back from Charles de Gaulle Terminal 1 on Saturday was quite a pleasure! I have actually been having a correspondence with the customer service manager of this terminal, following on my adventures there last time, and it looks as though he may have done something because of it. The security people were incredibly polite and efficient, plus now, if you have to take your shoes off, there are little blue plastic bootees that you can slip on your feet. That is directly down to me, because I did complain about being made to walk barefoot across their floor, who knows what may be lurking there? Apart from that, it's cold.

Paris was a bit of a whirl around from La Defense to Le Bon Marche to WH Smith to Ulla Popken, I managed to cram in quite a bit, including two meals at Hippo. I bought a pair of coffee coloured suede shoes, a quilted coat with fur collar and cuffs, and several books and magazines, including three Sudoku books. And a new Jane Austen theme novel, "The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet" by Colleen Mc Cullough - interesting follow-up, the story of Mary Bennet twenty-five years after "Pride and Prejudice". I liked it, but some will not! I must try and find a list of Jane Austen theme novels, there are so many now.

So that is it, for the moment - I am fairly busy at work, Yehiel seems to complicate things....
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