Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Another Visitation
Yehiel fronted up yesterday for one of his whirlwind visits, and told me that I should go back to Paris in the first week of December! There are some contractual issues apparently that will not be resolved until January (when I should be able to come back). This is very annoying because of course I have with me at the moment more luggage than I can take back in one trip, so I've simply said I will have to leave stuff here, and if it doesn't work out that I come back, they will have to pay for a trip back so that I can fetch my stuff.

This morning I rang our resources director to ask what I would do in the gap, which is a really bad time of the year - I thought maybe I could do something at home for another project, some documentation or something, but he says I could maybe even go to the Netherlands for a few weeks. I would quite like that, I like the Netherlands, I haven't ever worked there, but I've been for sightseeing a few times and it's always great. Of course Yehiel hadn't let him know yet about any of this, so I did take him by surprise.

After that, I am really exhausted, I did not sleep much last night, and I am sitting here with my eyelids drooping, I don't think I will last the afternoon, not beyomd 5pm anyway.
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