Sunday, November 16, 2008
Tibetan Monks at Breakfast
That has got your attention...... actually there is a worldwide religious conference in Nicosia this week. It is taking place at the Hilton, but either they have run out of rooms, or some participants do not want to pay 250€ per night. Yesterday, when I went down to breakfast, almost the entire no-smoking area was filled with monks in orange robes, with one transfixed Greek family sitting there as well. I imagine they've never seen anything like it.

This morning again they were there, and when I was joined by another guest, who is also a consultant at my work, but from a different company, he said he went to church yesterday evening and was amazed by the presence of several priests, a cardinal, and then the entire hierarchy of the Orthodox church of Cyprus. He is Irish and a Roman Catholic, and there is evidently a heavy Roman Catholic presence at this conference.

Apart from that, the great news of the weekend is that I have bought the fuchsia pink coat:

I was in Ulla Popken on Friday night, and they were unpacking them, so I got my size at once and bought it then and there! Far too warm for Cyprus (until about January), but excellent for Paris.

Well, I'm off to do some more stitching now, I've just started "Memories" by Just Nan - with Au Ver a Soie silks, lovely!
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