Saturday, November 22, 2008
Progress Picture
This is what I have done so far on Just Nan's "Memories", I am on to band 4 of twelve. Some of the bands are very big, while others, like 2 and 3, are really narrow. It is done in Au Ver A Soie silks, which of course are fantastic to work with.

Last night I went home and slumped on the sofa and listened to more of "Jane and the Stillroom Maid", it really is good. I have another one to listen to after that, also "Mr Darcy's Diary", continuing the Jane theme. I'll probably buy whatever I can in the same vein when I get back to Paris.

This morning I started the packing of summer clothes, at least they fold down to nothing... sigh, what a bore packing is, and how unable I am to escape it, with my lifestyle.
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