Friday, November 21, 2008
Finally Friday
This week has been very trying........ we are sitting in the new call centre, which is beautifully decorated, but is directly underneath our offices which are being renovated. So there is drilling all the time, it goes beautifully with the road works noises that I hear at home. I've almost lost hope of the world ever returning to a normal noise level.

I still expect to go home the week after next, and don't have a clue as to what I should be doing the week after that, except possibly going to the Netherlands. I am working on the supposition that I can take a couple of days to go to the hairdressers and unpack etc, but after that, I don't want to be sitting around the office without anything to do. I could kill Yehiel for having a gap in contracts, it's really bad management and bad for the client too. Mind you, I have just punished him by telling him that we will have to do some changes to something that was delivered over a year ago, that I have tested three times, and that no-one here has ever been bothered to look at. Now they decide I must take them through it, and of course I get the usual "oh, this isn't what we expected!" So I have greatly improved Yehiel's day by telling him this, he loves developments that need rework, haha!

This weekend I intend to sort through the things I have done here, and see what I can pack immediately, for example, summer clothes, as I am now into light autumn clothes for work. And I am going to go out and buy, not another suitcase, but a bag on wheels that would also be good for train travel. I hope I can find some time to go swimming and to do some stitching, and I also have audio books to listen to. Last weekend I listened to "Past Imperfect" by Julian Fellowes (he read it as well), which was extremely good and funny, and started a Jane Austen mystery. I had not come across those before, and I am rather enjoying this one, I hope there are more of these on Audible.
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