Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Last Minute Panic
Of course when you know that your software company consultant is going away, the thing to do is to drag out all the problems that you have shelved for the last year and demand that she handle them before Tuesday, then have fits of hysteria when it proves that there is not enough time to do this..... plus invent a few more problems in the vain hope that she may remain to solve them.

So I have been frantically busy with this, as well as the packing and so on, which explain why I have not been writing or stitching - in fact, I am looking forward to tomorrow when I can get into my seat on the plane and take out my stitching, but gruesomely I have to hand over my five suitcases at the check-in desk first, I hope they don't have a fit. I have warned them I have a lot of luggage, and they didn't seem too concerned, so let's hope. I have booked the taxi service that will carry my luggage upstairs in Paris, I shall watch them carry it up, then I shall have a nice long rest....
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