Friday, December 19, 2008
Nearly The End of The Year
Well, I gave my talk yesterday without disgracing myself - although I did realise afterwards I had not combed my hair, so it must have looked like a bird's nest. Evidently the thing that most impressed the students was that I live mostly in a hotel and hardly ever do housework! They have seen a lot of different jobs this week, and apparently are most impressed by the salespeople so far, which I guess is good, because they should be the most impressive if we want to sell our products. Also they can earn a lot, so that impresses the students too, as far as a future career is concerned.

I've realised that it is nearly the end of the year, only a week and a half to go, so I have to make a list of the things I want to do before then:

- all my housework!
- finish another embroidery project
- and maybe another one as well
- finish a knitting project that consists of beret, scarf and mittens (this is already quite close to finishing, just boring bits left)
- consume just the right amount of smoked salmon and champagne

Actually I made a start on the latter today, by having salmon rillettes with smoked salmon as my starter at lunchtime (main course was a rather nice paupiette of veal with what I can only describe as dead courgettes). And there may be some champagne later, as someone is leaving today.

Tomorrow and Sunday I am going to try and be more active than last weekend. The weather is cooperating, it is 10 degrees today, as opposed to about 1 or 2 all last weekend, so I should be able to go out for walks etc without feeling totally frozen. I don't have to do any shopping, apart from food, if I don't want to. I also am not sure if I will come into the office next week, I don't think anyone will be here. Maybe one day, if I want to print my current large document that I am writing, as I don't have a printer at home (no room).

This is probably enough wittering on for today...
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