Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Depths of Winter
I am still here, although I have not created or done anything very noteworthy in the last week or so. It has been very cold, and actually I spent the weekend inside, wrapped up in quilts, reading my new books that I ordered, plus a few more that I picked up from WH Smith. So I am very well informed about Jane Austen plus sequels - I even went out and got the Claire Tomalin biography, so that I could be a real expert and figure out what is invented and what is not.

I have been coming to work every day, and working on the documentation I have to do - there is as yet no sign of what will happen to me after Christmas, so I am getting a little annoyed. I have not heard from Yehiel all week, despite numerous emails and attempts to phone him, so I am really rather annoyed with him also.

This week we have work experience students here, they are really under the care of our marketing director, learning what it means to work in marketing (they are about 14 years old) - tomorrow I am giving them a talk about what it is like to be a consultant! Shall I tell them about weird clients who pick their noses? And weird PDs like Yehiel and our strange man that we first had when we went to Cyprus?

Editted to say - no, of course I won't tell them stories about their relatives! Actually these ones are not related to anyone I work with on projects, their parents are all perfectly normal support engineers or salespeople, as opposed to the lunatics in professional services. In fact I do have a mental list of all the times when David has said "please don't tell my wife I said that" or "please don't tell my wife I ate that", and so far I have not failed him.
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  • At 8:18 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Only if you're absolutely sure that none of the kids is in any way related to any of the people you describe.....