Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Slightly Warmer
Today I feel much happier - it is well above zero, for a start, the promised 5 degrees. I haven't yet been outside, but I hope the ice that is everywhere has melted or started to melt. That will make walking around less treacherous.

I also went to the sales yesterday, and bought a new handbag at Galeries Lafayette at Montparnasse - it was 50% off, so that was only 230€, and it goes perfectly with my new winter coat that I got in Nicosia:
I have been stitching a little, here is the very start of a little Quaker sampler:
And a very bad photo of a CHS piece that I am going to make up into a heart-shaped hanging ornament, to put on a door, I think:

I have spoken to Yehiel this morning, and he seems to think I may be able to go to Cyprus later this week - I am tentatively planning for Saturday, if that is the case. They are trying to work out contractual things, about which our giant new company is very strict. Wish they were as strict about things like paying expenses on time!
Have also spoken to Suzette, who is just back from Christmas in California with the boyfriend and his family - I am sure we can expect an interesting announcement soon! I do hope so, he sounds really nice.
And poor David is in Poland this week, still worrying about his son. I hope this war ends soon, and I hope all the demonstrations here stop, some of them are violent. And several synagogues have been attacked, which is just horrible.

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