Saturday, January 10, 2009
Winter Continues
I am still at home, have had an exceedingly boring week, in fact. I thought I might be on a plane today, but we still do not have a signed contract from our client, and I am not allowed to move until we do. So I just stay home and potter about and so on, it is really excruciating, and I am not going to stand for it much longer. I would have gone to our office this week, but there has been a train strike and ice everywhere - I actually tried to go in on Monday, and found I would have to wait an hour for a train, so decided I could face neither that nor the walk from the station to the office, which was probably covered with ice. I do not mind snow, but I hate ice, and given that I live alone up four flights of stairs, I do not want to break an ankle right now.

The weather in Paris is not as bad as the television would have you believe, it's been nothing like as bad as Marseille, for example. Just very cold, and we had snow on two days that has solidified into ice because of the low temperatures. No rain or wind or anything like that, and in the afternoons it has been brilliantly sunny, just very cold. We are supposed to get up to 5 degrees by Tuesday, that will be a treat.

I haven't done a lot of stitching, mainly through guilt, I find it weird to be able to do it in actual work time, when they are paying me, so mostly I read or study things that I ought to know. In between times I chat to David, who is at home in Israel, because of the war, and is very worried because his younger son is in the invasion force. They all have to do army service, I think two years at least. David himself did it, I can't imagine him in the army, but he says he spent most of his time being yelled at by the sergeant, who he said would have been anti-semitic if he wasn't a Jew himself. Mostly for his uniform not being properly ironed, which I can understand, because David is useless with the iron, although he spends a lot of time ironing in vain.

Anyway, let's hope I am on the move again next week - this is fearfully boring, because of course I can't plan to do anything, given that I have no idea when I shall be required to travel!
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