Friday, January 16, 2009
Work Again
Today I have come to the office, as I had to print out travel documents and so on, plus of course the Cypriots have finally decided to comment on my latest work of fiction, after being repeatedly being requested to do so since the end of October! This means I have to do some updates at the speed of light, as our developers are already working on this.... it's quite tedious stuff too, adding extra columns, swapping stuff around and refining descriptions of things. Lots of KWH, total sales excluding VAT, and load entitlement amounts!

I have been looking up stitching shops in Tallinn, I am not sure that there is anything wonderful - if anyone does know of anything, please enlighten me. I looked up DMC stockists and found that the only one on DMC's website is a department store in the centre, plus I found from a blog that there is a sort of cross-stitch shop in a big shopping centre near the airport. I've tried to look for Estonian blogs, but haven't found very much. I have a feeling there are more knitting shops than stitching ones, but we shall see.

I also spoke to Madame L.A., who has been to work in Tallinn before, when they were doing scoping, I think. I asked her what the spa and the pool in the hotel were like, and she told me she had no idea, as she was too busy working to find out! Honestly some people are irritating.... when we were at that horrible project in 2007, she was always saying to us that she was up really late working, but as Suzette said, what was the end result? Suzette and I did all the documentation.

The weekend is going to be consecrated to packing, I can't take as much as I used to to Cyprus, as I am back in economy class. That is going to be weird, going to the airport and not being greeted by name at check-in and on the plane!
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