Monday, January 19, 2009
Arrival in Tallin
Goodness, what a long day! I got up at 6:45, which is about three hours earlier than I have been doing (not that I sleep until that time, I just sit in bed, doing emails and drinking coffee until it feels warm enough to get up properly). Took a taxi to the airport in the dark, and of course the plane for Amsterdam was late taking off. I had the emergency exit row to myself, I was originally in the row behind, but they asked me to move, so that a young couple travelling with six week old twins (totally sweet!) could have that. And it was a quick flight because of a high wind, although a slightly hairy landing.

Schiphol, where I've never been before, was really quite OK, not bad shops, but we had to catch a bus out to the plane for Tallinn, and it was a tiny Fokker with miniature seats. Halfway through the flight they had to give me a row to myself because I suddenly started feeling really ill, which turned out later to be the KLM sandwich I had eaten. It was a good thing that it only took half an hour from landing to get to the hotel, because I needed the bathroom urgently by that time! I did have a little skirmish with a sniffer doggie, who decided that my new pink hat with fur trim would be quite tasty, but I managed to rescue it.

So far I have not seen any of the team (don't know them, except Roddy, and two others I know by sight, I think). I had something to eat in a nice restaurant on the 11th floor, my room is on the 18th, and now I am just trying to relax a bit, so that I can be clear for our 9:45am meeting tomorrow. Roddy will not get here until after midnight, that's why tomorrow will be a slow start. I'll take some photos of the room when I feel a bit more normal, as it's very nice, and it has a Lavazza espresso machine. Have not seen much of what Tallinn looks like, as it gets dark at 4pm and I arrived at 5:15pm, all I know is that there is light snow, and it is not too cold, just below zero apparently, so warmer than Paris has been.
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