Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Tallinn Photos
The Old Town is very picturesque, with lots of beautifully painted wooden buildings (something I appreciate, having grown up in Wellington):
Notice the ice on the ground, also here in the Raekoja Plats (Town Hall Square):

I imagine that square will be full of tourists in the summer, but there's not too many people around now.
And here is the normal view from my hotel window when I wake up at weekends:
Slightly depressing! But we have the spring and summer to look forward to..... it can only get better.
At the weekend I went to the spa to have my hydradermie treatment and body treatment, it was fantastic, and I felt really good when I came out of there just after midday on Saturday. I went for a walk around the Old Town, and saw the Estonian Handicraft Shop, which is fascinating, beautiful knitting, dolls, felting. Then I slept for three hours when I got back to the hotel, and spent the evening reading and writing, and slept again at 11pm! Fantastic!
Last night we all went to the theatre to see "Le Misanthrope" by Moliere, in Estonian. Of course we didn't understand the words, but I know this play already, and there was a lot of mime, it was a vey good and inventive staging, where you did not really have to know Estonian to appreciate it. Of course we had to go out with our hosts afterwards, so it was very late to bed and I am very tired today!
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