Friday, February 13, 2009
Another Week of Work
This week has also been fairly intensive, and now it is the weekend, and it has snowed again! Which means that I will not be doing much, unless there is a miraculous melt overnight. The temperature went up again slightly towards the end of the week, to just above zero, which seems to mean snow is coming here - I think I prefer it cooler and with no snow. I like the snow when it is falling, we were out in it last night, but when it stops and turns to slush, then ice, is not my favourite thing. I am still the only one who is not complaining about the cold, apart from Roddy, our PD, who just puts on his big Russian hat and gets on with it. And of course Sasha, my Russian colleague, who finds it quite warm really, but then he was born in Siberia. He has been taking us to a nearby Russian restaurant, and I must say the food is very good. My Indian, South African, Australian, Irish, Italian and Spanish colleagues are practically transparent with the cold. This project has no two people from the same country.

In fact tomorrow I have booked for a facial and bodywrap, not in the hotel, but at a spa that is probably about ten minutes walk away in good weather, although I think I shall be getting a taxi, as that street is sheet ice at present. After that, I do not know, I would like to try and look around in the Old Town, but it may be just to the Viru Centre and then home. Of course I have work to do as well, we have four days of workshops next week. It's amazing that I am here in this facinating city, and I have seen so little of it so far.
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