Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Home Tomorrow Night
Yes, I leave the office at 4pm and get on two crowded planes and get to Paris at 10pm, weather permitting. I still remember the de-icing platform at Copenhagen and the holdup the last time, hopefully it will not recur.

I moved into my apartment at the weekend, and spent most of the weekend walking between Viru Centre and Swissotel, plus I walk there every morning to get our minibus. And I shall set off there again shortly to have a drink with the team, very small team this week, as two are away, and one more left today for a week and a half of vacation.

The apartment is so nice that our PD has decided to become my neighbour, and I seem to be acting as intermediary between him and the building management, sigh. Most of my emails today have been on this subject, and he has departed with my spare key. So that he can come in and get his own key, as I will not be here when he comes back.

Hopefully I finish my sessions tomorrow, then we can start writing our PA report, I will be submerged for about a month with that. Translators are involved, so it could be fun.
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