Friday, March 06, 2009
Maybe Spring is Here?
I have been very neglectful of everything except work lately, and that includes my blog, stitching, reading, anything that may qualify as normal life. I hope to start rectifying that situation at once. At least the weather seems rather better - almost no ice today!!!

Today I am sitting here in a virtually empty conference room, as we have no sessions on Fridays. The only other person in here is a very strange temporary designer that I have for a week, as Fiona is on holiday. This one is fairly new to the company, but I swear he is about 100 years old, and he behaves very oddly, he is one of these men who has to say whatever comes out of his mouth. It doesn't matter what it is or who else is talking at the same time. Even though he was told he was here to take notes for me, he has constantly interrupted to ask the client the questions he thinks I should be asking, which is so annoying. In between times, he fiddles with his eyebrows! And a few times I have caught him with his eyes closed, and not taking notes at all, which was really annoying. Very unattractive manners, in my view.

This week I have been out to dinner three times - Mexican, Russian and Italian - so I am staying home tonight, with a large bottle of water, some NZ wine and some cheese and crackers. The hotel is getting a bit boring actually, so I have rented an apartment, which I should move into next weekend. It is not very big, but is in the shopping centre tower, and has a large balcony overlooking the harbour in the distance. It's possible that Fiona and Giulia will also take apartments in this building.

In the morning I am going to the spa again, to have one of these 40 euro hydradermie treatments (much cheaper than Paris) and a body cocoon treatment, so that is the whole morning taken care of. I am really hoping that it will not snow tonight, so I can go for a walk afterwards with my camera - I would love to see the sea, which is so nearby.
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