Friday, February 20, 2009
Some Good News
I did some stitching on the plane last night! It is the first time for ages.......... what happened was we were sitting on the plane in Copenhagen, waiting in the queue for the de-icing platform, as it was snowing madly. Then they announce we are going back to the gate, as there is a problem with the aircon, and a mechanic has to look at it. So we go back, and I whip out my stitching, which is always in the pocket of my computer bag, and stitch happily for half an hour while everyone else is whinging about the delay. The flight attendant admired my work also, so I was quite happy, even though we were over an hour late into Paris, and I got home just on midnight, having left the office in Tallinn at 4pm.

Hope the others got home safely - the airline lost Sasha's booking, and ended up giving him a boarding pass to Frankfurt, with a warning that there he would have to sort out his onward booking to Tel Aviv. Giulia and Fiona were late departing Tallinn, so I hope they made their flights in Amsterdam. Fiona will see her own doctor in Ireland today - the paramedics came to the hotel for her on Wednesday night and said she had very high blood pressure, but why is the question. She is 25, slim and exercises a lot, so nothing is obvious.
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