Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Another Post from Tallinn
With nothing much except the weather and work......... it is very intense at the moment, and I am chained to my laptop, practically. Plus I keep having "discussions" with people, I actually barked at a couple of them today, which is rare for me, but had the desired effect, more or less.

The first one was my temporary designer, who is still sitting in my sessions, even through the real one has come back. He decided to tell me in the morning break that this was all very disorganised and he would do it differently and he had to bite his tongue not to intervene and put things right! I immediately told him that I am running these sessions and he had better be quiet if he has nothing more than that to contribute. Later on he sought me out and said he hadn't meant to offend me. Not sure how he could think his comment was anything other than offensive, but hopefully he will not repeat it. The guy really is irritating, if there is a stupid "joke" to be made, he will make it.

Then I had a go at another consultant, who is from another company but working for us. He specialises in stating the obvious, and decided to do so at length while we were supposed to be talking about something else. My boss also had words with him later, about another subject, so hopefully he will shut up for a while.

But I had a great weekend, it was totally ice-free, so I walked around a lot. I walked to the spa and around the Old Town on Saturday, and took our new team member, who arrived from Manila at midnight on Saturday, out to lunch on Sunday and for another walk around the Old Town. It is so beautiful - actually it is possible to rent apartments there, but I think not advisable as there is a lot of noise in summer.

Then on Monday I woke up to snow everywhere, it actually fell all day, and the ground was covered again. Today it has turned to ice again! I love the fresh snow, it is great to make footprints in it, but the ice makes it so difficult to get around. The temperature tomorrow will be 3 degrees, but I am not finding it cold, just the ice is the problem.

I'm looking forward to moving into the apartment at the weekend, since there I will have a sofa to stretch out on, and there will be no maids to come in every day and put my shampoo beside the bathroom basin and my nightcream in the shower tray. I will be able to arrange all my WIPS properly and do bits when I feel like it, and all sorts of other things you can't do in a hotel room. Roll on Saturday!
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