Saturday, March 21, 2009
A Note From Paris
I got home just before 11pm on Thursday night, that's the quickest journey so far, I think. I am still enjoying changing planes in Copenhagen much more than I did in Amsterdam. Much better selection of books at the airport, and much better food as well. Both planes were very crowded, and I did well to have empty seats next to me on both legs.

Friday I went to the bank and the pharmacy and also to Sephora, where I bought a stack of stuff I needed, lots of shampoo and conditioner, as they don't seem to sell my brand - John Frieda Blondes - in Tallinn. I had to come home and have a sleep, I was tired out and I seem to have aches in my legs a lot lately. I did do a bit of work, but nothing too strenuous, next week and the week after will probably be hell, as I have a PA report to write, plus about a thousand meetings about it, I think. And I don't think I am allowed to write more than about 100 pages, if that. Given that it has to be translated into Estonian for approval by the client, and our company is paying for this by the page. I've been told that bullet points and diagrams are the way to go.

Today I went out and bought a second Nespresso machine to take to Tallinn tomorrow, boy, was the Nespresso boutique pleased to see me! I've got a huge load of capsules as well, so I will be taking another suitcase up there. With my second iron that used to live in Cyprus, plus a few cushions and things.

Hopefully when I get back my washing machine will have been installed, and the elevator will have been fixed. On Thursday morning I had to walk down nine flights of stairs, which is probably why I have been having leg trouble, my knees do not like stairs at all. I have no ambition to walk up them with luggage, that is for sure.
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