Thursday, April 02, 2009
Paris Heatwave
Finally I got here on Monday night, quite late, after a restful and totally empty flight, where they handed us cognac after dinner.
Since then I have spent one day in the office (today) to do my expenses claims, as well as a lot of work. And I have been to the hairdressers and out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Belleville, for Suzette's leaving party - she is going back to London, since the project from hell has finished. And I bought two sunhats at Le Bon Marche, and a range of spring clothes at Ulla Popken. Apart from that, work, work, work, I have written 38 pages so far this week. By Sunday, I will be up to 50, I think - and that is half-way there.
This week I feel so much better than last week, and it is so warm here the last couple of days as well. I've been out walking every day - as opposed to my excursions last week on the bus in Tallinn, where I sat on the bus and saw various frozen landscapes. The people in the office could not believe we had snow last Saturday morning, but I've come to accept snow in spring as quite normal really. Occasionally I think of how warm it would bein Cyprus now! I was wearing my Cyprus winter clothes today, and they are too light for anything except late spring or early summer in Tallinn, I think. We;ll see about summer there, I am prepared to believe it can get hot, but no-one else in the team believes this!
I wish I could stitch - I am thinking of taking my sadly neglected project downstairs to the laundry tomorrow morning, although I really should take my notes and think about large real estate projects instead... today I signed up for Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers 2009, though, just as a little treat. The whole kit, linen and threads included, so a real indulgence. The first instalment is just beautiful:
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  • At 1:39 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    That IS pretty.
    Not stitching much here either, sigh.
    Autumn weather down here has been STUNNING. Bright blue clear hot days but without the yukky humidity. Easter weekend next week, so it's sure to rain by then!