Sunday, May 03, 2009
Tallinn Again
I arrived here after a rather strenuous flight - I went to the airport early, which achieved the desired aim of getting through security before the crowds (and there were crowds again, as there were planes for Zurich, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Tallinn all departing from the same satellite at the same time). Then I just sat there and stitched and read until it was time to board. Trying not to think about the loo, because there are none inside the security area, totally ridiculous if you ask me. One could go out, but coming back in again is difficult....

At Copenhagen, I did the usual grocery shopping and bought some candles as well, then stitched again until I got on the plane. I have now worked out that it is best to get on the Copenhagen to Tallinn plane last, because then I can just take the most empty row in the front cabin. The staff are starting to recognise me, and don't seem to mind if I do that. Unlike the woman who tried it last time and was smartly asked for her boarding pass and sent up the back, which was the class she had paid for. Why do people try this? Do they think the airline staff are stupid? The other ones I think are nuts are the French guys who moved the "Economy After This Row" sign from in front of their row to behind it (the signs are velcroed on to the top of the seat), and caused a bit of consternation when the staff did the count and found three extra people in Economy Extra. But as soon as they looked at the boarding passes, all was revealed. What some people will do for a free snack and drink!

At Tallinn, I bought as much wine as I could carry (not a great deal, so) and taxied back here, to unpack and do some work. With a brief excursion to the supermarket downstairs to buy salad things. I'm now charging phones and camera, and doing washing. I was going to take a photo of my almost finished needlecase pocket, but no battery left in the camera, and both phones ran out of battery as well!

I should go to bed, as I am getting up tomorrow to go to the spa (this gets me out while the maid is here), then plan a long afternoon and evening completing my spreadsheet of questions (client) and answers (me). It could be a long week for us all.
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