Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Photos of Tallinn
Or actually of the view from my balcony.............. first towards the harbour:

And now towards the Old Town:
I like to stand on the balcony looking at this... even though it is fairly cold still and I am wrapped in a shawl. We have been above 10 degrees most afternoons, but the wind!!!
I've been holed up writing this report and am nearly finished, but goodness I am tired. I've been out walking for about two hours every day, including one walk to Toompea, the high part of the Old Town. Beautiful, but it would be inaccessible in winter. Today I caught a tram down the road and visited a craft warehouse called Karnaluks, it had everything, even linen for embroidery and silks and linen thread. Great range of yarn, mostly German and also needles, Addi and Clover. I'm going to look for the gaps in my collection and fill them up, as the prices are good. It's cash only, but they take euros as well as eesti kroon. I wonder if it is mobbed on Saturdays, sinced normally that is the only time I could get there.
Tomorrow I am going to Paris until Sunday, I have a few things to do there. I'm nearly up to SAS Silver level, and I should get to gold this year as well, I'm looking forward to this (it means I can go to lounges for free). I'll write further from there...
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  • At 10:53 am, Blogger Murakas

    Hi, just happened to read your blog. Karnaluks should be opened on Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM (I hope I'm not wrong).