Friday, April 17, 2009
Why do strange things always happen to me at airports? Yesterday, when I got off the plane at CDG, and walked through the airbridge to the terminal, the door into the terminal was locked! We stood there for a while, pounding on the door - which is glass, and through which we could see, and be seen by, the people waiting to get on the plane we had just got off. Did any of them point us out to a staff member? Oh no, so one guy goes back to the plane and gets the purser to get a guy on the ground to come with keys.... Really CDG is badly run.

I've just also realised I made by return booking for tomorrow and not Sunday, so I guess I shall be travelling tomorrow! Yikes! Fortunately I did go out today and do a few things, like buy square pillowcases and Nespresso capsules to take back with me, but I should have got medication as well - so I guess I'll be seeing an Estonian doctor soon, to get a prescription. There is a medical centre across the road from my place and a little way along, and it is recommended in the Swissotel leaflet, so it must be OK.

I finished my report, and have had back comments on decision sheets, mostly quite straightforward, and mostly where they couldn't really understand what I was saying - so I have to enlarge a bit in some places. The big report is being translated into Estonian, so that will be easier for them. It's always hard with a new client, especially in a different country, to know how far to go in explanations. On one hand, the system is new to them and English is not their first language (actually for most of these ones it is their third language), but on the other, they are clever people who know their business inside out.

I'm going off to have a diet Coke and read a book! Haven't done anything so frivolous for a while!
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