Saturday, June 27, 2009
Sadamarket is a shopping centre right opposite the ferry terminal in Tallinn - it's very much aimed at tourists, and it has large alcohol and cigarette shops, plus bars and some other things we won't mention. There are a lot of tacky clothes shops, as per the sample above. But there are also a few shops that are worth it. On the second floor there is a sweater shop that has large stocks of Estonian yarn, both wool and linen. There are a couple of shops downstairs that have linen goods that are quite nice, and a souvenir shop with drawings of Tallinn that are quite attractive.

I went on a walk this morning via this shopping centre and the Old Town, then back to Kaubamaja and my supermarket. It was raining, but I really needed to get out today, because I spent ten hours yesterday finishing two external designs. I'm not working at all today, and have spent the afternoon knitting a hat with earflaps in bulky wool - I need to crochet around it and add some ribbons tomorrow, it is too late now to buy either a crochet hook or the ribbons. I'm preparing for thw inter, obviously, and have got a book called "Boutique Knits" that I bought in London. It's as good as the Louisa Harding accessories book that I knitted nearly all the patterns from.

Tomorrow back to work - I have to go to Paris on Monday night for a Tuesday meeting and fly back Tuesday night, this is insanity, but I don't really get a choice.
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  • At 12:42 pm, Blogger KK

    Yes, it´s aimed at tourists. I think local people never visit such places, maybe only if they are going to meet some guests in the port and arrive there too early.