Friday, June 12, 2009
Stockholm Tonight
I'm sitting in the airport in Tallinn waiting for the late plane to Stockholm which doesn't leave until 22:30 - I decided to treat myself to a weekend away, because I've been just submerged in external designs recently. For the uninitiated, these are complete functional designs for new developments for our clients, and the architects do them, assisted by the designers. In my case, my designer is very young, and quite new, but she does good work. My main problem is that some of them take a long time, and then I get queries on them after the reviews from the internal designers, who are in another hemisphere.

I've been going home and going to bed for a couple of hours most days, because I am so tired after staring at the screen all day, and having phone calls with internal designers and writing them notes and so on, not to mention being interrupted every three seconds by our new colleauge, who seems to think that all the rest of us are there to help her. She is new to the project, not to the company, I mean, and really is most odd. She is not a native English speaker (quite a few of the team are not) and she seems to have the odd idea that it is appropriate to use 4 letter English words in the office. We are all sitting around the table,and suddenly she will just burst out "****!", which is slighlty disconcerting. I am used to bad language now and then, but this is constant - I am afraid she thinks it is cool or something, she is very into cool. Part of going away for the weekend is not being dragged into going to a bar with her on Saturday night - hopelessly uncool that I am, I always want to leave early to do my stitching.

Although chance would be a fine thing.... I haven't finished anything new yet, although I have a couple of things on the boil. I would like to have a chance tomorrow evening, but I do have to do some work over the weekend, if I want to finish my designs by the summer holidays.

In Stockholm, I just want to do a little gentle sightseeing and shopping, a full report on Sunday, I hope.
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  • At 8:59 am, Blogger Margaret

    Good that you were able to get away. I look forward to hearing what you got up to.