Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Back To Tallinn Again
My head is still spinning......... I got to my apartment in Paris at 11pm on Monday night and back to my apartment in Tallinn at 11:30pm last night. The flights yesterday were full, I think everyone is arriving for the Song Festival this weekend. Although I doubt that the enormous Russian guy that was sitting next to me was going to the Song Festival, goodness, I cannot stand these guys, they are totally uncouth and I always seem to get to sit near one. Note I am not anti-Russian, our dear colleague Sasha is one, but there is just a certain type of guy...... we used to meet them in Cyprus as well, in hotels in Limassol they can be observed throwing money around and with very loud voices.

Now I am at work, having arrived late and mistakenly taken a bad taxi. I did think he looked a bit strange and furtive, and it turned out he was a pirate of some sort, I have never seen a taxi meter run so quickly. I ended up giving him about half what he asked, he settled for that after I wrote down his license number and name. This was silly of me, because I do know how to get the right taxi, but I was just so tired I guess I didn't look properly.

Paris was extremely hot, and the Estonian Embassy there was having air-conditioning problems, along with practically everywhere else, including the airport. I also visited Ulla Popken and the Nespresso shop before I went out to the airport yesterday, but otherwise did nothing of note.

CDG is a nightmare, there are no toilets inside the security area in Satellite 7, and there is only one snack bar that sells warm Coke for 3.90€ a small bottle. Oh no, no ice, either. You can get a plastic cup if you insist. If you compare this airport with Copenhagen, it is like Heaven and Hell, and you know which is which!
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