Friday, July 31, 2009
My hotel is near Chania, this is part of the view from my room:
This small chapel, standing in a fishing harbour, is also seen from my room:
And this is the pool of the executive wing where I am staying, not very large, but quite private mostly:
The small Cretan kitten who shares my breakfast every morning:
If I don't give it some breakfast, it marches on to the table and starts drinking from the milk jug. Think it knows who is a soft touch and who is not, as it disappears under the table the second the cook comes out of the kitchen!
There aren't as many cats here as I had expected, nothing like as many as in Cyprus, but then this hotel isn't as good as I expected either - oh, it is adequate for a four star, but not five, as advertised. I must find out where all the kitties have gone and go there next time!
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