Saturday, July 18, 2009
I've spent today in Copenhagen - having flown here from Tallinn after work yesterday and arrived at the lovely SAS Scandinavia Hotel not too late. I have a room with a beautiful view over Christianshavn, and everything is very comfortable.

This morning I went to the shops, especially Sommerfuglen, where I bought three Danish knitting books, and four skeins of yarn, two Noro, one Lorna's Laces and one Handmaiden. I also went to Illum where I bought some Jurlique products (these don't seem to be available anywhere else I go) and a Dyrberg and Kern heart on a chain at 70% off. I can't believe the jewellery sale there, last time I bought a Pilgrim necklace for 100kr, and I told Fiona about this and she went there when she was in Copenhagen for the weekend and bought up big. She loves jewellery, and is always pleased when she has to fly via Arlanda, as they have a fantastic jewellery shop there.

Tomorrow I'm flying back to Paris in the afternoon, should be chez moi by about 6:30pm, which is not too bad. I have fantasies of taking to my bed with stitching for the next two days (large packet of Needlepoint Silk should be waiting for me), but I am not sure this will come to pass. I still have work to finish, plus admin stuff of course.

I have to say that the two guys who came to help us have been fantastic, I've really appreciated it, especially when I think of what we could have got (the nasty man I had to suffer earlier in the year comes to mind, he was offered to us, and the answer was a resounding no). Plus they have been cheerful and optimistic, and Snowflake has not been there. We had a brief visit from our Big Boss, because there was one of these important monthly meetings, and Sylvain, who would normally come, is on vacation - not that that has stopped him from screaming at our project director on the phone for two hours. The poor man is more than ever anxious to buy a Euromillions ticket!
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