Friday, August 14, 2009
What Have I Been Doing for Nearly Two Weeks?
I have been doing some knitting and stitching, I have two La-D-Da pieces that are going nicely, and I will photograph them when my camera battery is charged up. Oddly enough, they both have blackbirds in them. And one is on 35 count, which is rather new for me, but it is going well.

I also finished my Swiss Cheese scarf (known to colleagues as "the thing with the holes"), from good Estonian Kauni wool. I had a choice between felting it and just handwashing it, so I handwashed it when it was finished, and it has just felted a little, which is nice.

Apart from that, I have done little, having very leisurely days indeed. The most active thing I have done is go out last night with Kent and his girlfriend, who are in Paris for a short holiday, and another guy from work - we went on a Bateau Mouche, which was fun, then walked up Avenue Georges V to an Asian restaurant to eat and drink. Got home at 1am, which is unusual for me, but it was good - I slept a grear sleep until 9am.

I've also done some work yesterday, I had an SOS from our lead architect about one of the developments where there was a question. I looked at it, and really it is just common sense, I don't see why anyone couldn't have answered this. I'm supposed to do more today, but I'm delaying it until the evening, if not until tomorrow, and I'm going to start a new collar thing for the winter, in Noro Kochoran, and finish my washing instead! After all, I did spend four days of my first week of holidays working flat out to finish the EDs.
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