Saturday, August 15, 2009
Quinze Aout
Today is a French public holiday, so no shops open, I was dashing around in the heat trying to find a pharmacy, but no luck... it is at least 35 degrees, and waiting for the bus, I heard two women saying how hot it was and how they couldn't bear the heat - one was wearing a jumper and the other a raincoat, so no wonder they were too hot

Here are my works in progress:

Both are by La-D-Da, the top one is "Act Justly" on a vintage Belfast with the recommended Weeks threads (except for Kohl, which I didn't have, so I have used GAST Raven, the DMC equivalent was 310 and we all know what that is!), and the bottom one is "No Place Like Home" on the recommended Weeks 35 count beige with the recommended NPS silks. My forecast for finished stitchery this year is probably six pieces, which is not a lot - but then I've looked at what I've done in previous years and found that any year that has a whole set of PA sessions has less completed stitching than other years!

I'm now going to retire to the sofa with a large book of the Mitford sisters letters and a chilled coke, it is so hot. I should be packing for the journey tomorrow, but I'll do it later, I think.

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