Thursday, September 24, 2009
Worldwide Flu
I think everyone I know has the flu...... I had email from my lawyer, who is in Canada (don't ask, yes, our company is very weird sometimes), and evidently all her office is suffering. Our Project Director is at home with it, and he is so bad that everyone who speaks to him on the phone remarks upon how bad he sounds. I've got no idea how he actually got home, I felt bad enough on the plane on Thursday, he must have been much worse on Friday, and he has a longer journey.

Yesterday it was not too bad flying, I had the front seat to myself and dozed most of the way to Stockholm, where I ran around buying Swedish meatballs and a new purple Kipling bag for my computer. When I got to Tallinn, I managed to keep my eyes open for about half an hour, then I went to sleep until 9pm. Got up for a couple of hours, then slept until 8am. I arrived at work and checked in with our lead architect, who looked guilty when he saw me, he thought they must have been meant to wait for me to catch the team bus this morning! Actually he looked guilty and sick, he has been off work for two days this week as well.

Giulia is sitting in the room with me, wrapped up in goodness knows what, with a hacking cough also, and, get this, going out to smoke periodically. She keeps on about how cold it is, and I guess it is cooler than Rome, but it is not too bad, it is over 10 degrees, and the weather is fine, albeit with the usual nasty wind at times. The Snowflake is somewhere as well, I saw her briefly this morning, still wearing the black hairy thing, I wonder if she wears it to bed as well? I have a feeling we could get very very tired of seeing that thing this winter.

We are all supposed to be going out tonight - we have new colleagues, about seven of them, I think, because there is another project for another of our company's products that is starting this week - but I am not going, as I can't face sitting in the Italian cafe for hours on end while the door opens with people going in and out from smoking. I shall stay home with the Swedish meatballs ans the nearly finished Baktus scarf.
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