Monday, September 07, 2009
Sartorial Snowflake
Oh my goodness, I wish I could post a photo of our Special Snowflake - she turned up to work today in the most hilarious outfit I have seen! It starts off semi-OK with the usual tight black trousers and a rather low cut lacy black top and high heeled strappy sandals, not perhaps ideal for the Tallinn weather, but pretty normal for SS.

Then over this we have a fur vest rather like this one:

It is without a doubt the funniest thing I have seen for ages......... I am not going to get one myself, that is for sure, I would look like a Yeti!

I did spend a really quiet weekend, going for a walk on Saturday and indoors all of Sunday until I went to the supermarket in the evening. I made some progress on various things, and completed a very warm cloche hat for deepest winter in Tallinn. I feel less tired now, for sure, let's hope this continues this week. I am on week two of the new medication as well, so I feel fairly cheerful, thank goodness.

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