Monday, September 21, 2009
Actual Flu
I'm afraid so, although it is ordinary flu, not pork flu, thank goodness. I had a horrible week, barely able to get up each day, and then Wednesday night I had to go out, to the apartment of someone who smokes, and that did for me. I had to travel on Thursday evening, back to Paris, as I had a Friday morning meeting, and I was not well on the plane. Friday and Saturday were a blur of horror, and it was only yesterday that I could feel the enormous pills the doctor gave me working.

The next time any of my colleagues brings back horrible illness from the airport, I am staying at home until it has gone away. I just checked with Giulia who is in the office in Tallinn, and it is only her and the guy whose cold started all of this. Everyone else is either travelling or sick, except Suzette who has gone to Manila for a week. We have begged her to bring back a small Philippine island with its own micro-climate, so we can put it in Tallinn Harbour and escape there from time to time!

I won't be travelling back until Wednesday, and I have upgraded myself with some FF points, so as to have a more comfortable journey most of the way - it is via Stockholm this time, and that is 2.5 hours, then only 1 hour to Tallinn, so I will get in before 5pm. I'm so thankful that the airport in Tallinn is so close to town, I can get off the plane and straight into a taxi and be home in twenty minutes.

Today I am going out to do the shopping and stuff I should have done on Friday and Saturday, then tomorrow I am going to the hairdresser and the office. I've mostly been dozing over the weekend, but every now and then I woke up and did a bit more of my Blackbird Designs Loose Feather needlebook, so I need to go and find some lining material for this.
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  • At 9:30 am, Blogger Margaret

    You poor thing! Hope you get well quickly. That Philippine island sounds like a good idea - you might have a lot of support for that.