Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Weekend Trip to Paris
So, I had this brilliant idea - I would pack my summer clothes in a suitcase and take them back to Paris on Friday, then bring my winter clothes back to Tallinn on Sunday. With a quick stop at Ulla Popken on Saturday to get a warmer coat. Of course, one can make these plans. One can pack the suitcase with summer clothes. All sorts of things one can plan!

But when I got to Paris, nearly an hour late, by the way, on Friday night, my suitcase was not there. So I stood around for about an hour while they tried to find it, then gave up and went home, in a very bad temper. I called them three times on Saturday, and finally in the evening, they had located it - in Manchester - and were waiting for Air France to send it back from there.

Naturally it didn't arrive before I had left again for Tallinn, with another suitcase full of winter clothes, fortunately including a new padded coat, so I've had another series of conversations with baggage people, the highlight of which has been spelling my Estonian address for several French people. Although talking to the man at Tallinn airport who called to tell me it was here was also quite interesting.... the actual case may or may not turn up at my apartment some time after 7pm today.

Also my plane from Copenhagen to Tallinn on Sunday was late, they said it would be 50 minutes, then it took at least half an hour for everyone to get on board. I have got no idea what the people down the back of the plane do when they get on that causes this sort of thing, as I am nearly always at the front and so I get on as near to last as I can. And if I am near the back, I get on earlier, put my baggage in the rack and sit down so that other people can get past. I do not stand in the aisle doing my exercises or whatever it is these other ones do to hold things up.

So I started the week a bit tired, and then - lo and behold! We had a fire alarm at 5.25 am this morning, it was a false alarm as usual, but it did nothing for my sleep patterns. Fiona said that, on Sunday morning, there were three false alarms between 5.30 am and 9 am, at which point she gave up, got dressed and went to the shopping centre for coffee and breakfast.

After all of that, I am really hoping for a good night's sleep tonight - I don't feel ill any more, but I want to try to build up the immune system a bit, so that I don't get the flu again. I am refusing all invitations out at night, for the next days at least, as it has suddenly become extremely cold at nights and has rained icy rain as well. The Snowflake is back as well, and I don't feel like spending any time being told that I am old-fashioned, wrong, stupid or whatever she dreams up this week. Our poor lead architect still hasn't recovered from the time he opened a restaurant door and stood aside to let her go through it - at which she told him a very rude two word expression, which we took to mean that she disapproved of his kind gesture.
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