Friday, October 16, 2009
Zero Degrees
It was extremely cold when I got up this morning, really zero degrees. There were forecasts of below zero weather, but they do not seem to have come true, except possibly in the middle of the night when I am asleep.

It takes extra time to get dressed before going out now, for example this morning, I was wearing a knitted collar under my jacket, a hat and a fur muff as well as my padded jacket. I have not yet got to the stage of polar fleece footlets, but I have a pair in my computer bag, just in case. I am not risking another bout of flu. Yesterday our office was so cold we had to move, but fortunately today they have fixed the heating.

We have actually asked our company to provide a winter clothing allowance, but I am not sure this is going to happen. Some of the others seem quite optimistic about it, but I cannot see our company handing out something like this - or, if they do, it will be enough to buy one glove. I would actually like a pair of shoes that do not slip on the ice, but I expect these would be expensive. The other awful thought is that they may see their chance to get us clothing with the logo on it!!! I am so NOT wearing that.

Today we are going home quite early, so I have plans to visit a new shopping centre that opened last week in the middle of Tallinn - I hear it has a very good bookshop and a good supermarket, so I should be able to prepare for the weekend quite adequately there.

By the way, my suitcase did arrive back, covered in labels and looking a little exhausted!
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  • At 6:03 am, Blogger Margaret

    Congratulations on getting your suitcase back safely. Today is 20 degrees in Auckland -shall i send you a tin of warmth??

  • At 11:45 am, Blogger KK

    For sure with logo! We even paid for jackets with logo as there was no marketing budget for local office :P. But I found it useful for my dog walks and we didn´t have to pay all amount, only quarter or smth.

    0`C is not that cold, btw :), 3y ago we had around -30`C. I couldn´t even start my car and I live outside Tallinn. We had winter kickoff in southE and I had to take a train insted of car plus a dog, my bags and laptop. It was challenging...

    If it goes more than -28-30`C, you may not even feel it but it may hurt skin or fingers, toes.
    So the temperature around 0 is nothing :)