Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Tallinn Again - This Time With Snow
I got back here on Saturday night to find that the city was covered in snow, from a big snow fall on Friday. Yesterday we also had snow throughout the day, but now it seems to have stopped. I wonder if we will see clear streets again before April? Although a lot has melted, there are mini-piles of snow in places, and I have a feeling that these will become maxi-piles before too much longer.

Our dear Snowflake has gone home for a few days, which is extremely good, as far as I am concerned, because on Monday she distinguished herself by proclaiming loudly that knitting was "******* boring". She knows how to do it, of course (since actually she knows EVERYTHING), but doesn't actually do so because of this. I just ignored her, and pretend now that I am extremely deaf whenever she is around. After all, I am the one who has a constant supply of warm new scarves to wear - I now have both a Miss Marple and a Just Enough Ruffles, which I will post photos of when I sort out the camera battery (again! I don't know why it decharges practically every week).

We do have a couple of extra people here at present - one of them managed to poison himself somehow at a Russian restaurant last night, and has spent most of the day in the bathroom, while the other has been suffering from extreme jetlag and is presently asleep in the corner of our office wrapped in a shearling-lined coat. I don't think some of our colleagues are as hardy as we old-timers who are veterans of last winter in Tallinn!!

And just a note for Kadri - yes, I'm Allyparis on Ravelry. And I like Tallinn, for the history and the knitting, but I sometimes moan about the cold and the dark.
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