Sunday, November 01, 2009
Paris Again
I'm here for a whole week, until next Saturday! And I had a perfect trip down here yesterday - perfect means the planes were on time, my bag arrived as well, plus there was no turbulence or other disturbance en route. In fact, on both planes I had an entire row to myself, so sat in the middle seat and spread myself out.

It is much warmer here, about 15 degrees, although it has been raining and heavy rain is forecast for the next two days. I have a mountain of shopping to do - I really want to buy some boots. Something practical, Giulia turned up last week with cream suede embroidered ones, they are beautiful, however good thing it has not rained too much, they will be useless when real winter starts, a single walk from the car park to the front door would ruin them. Suzette has coffee-coloured suede, also impractical, and Snowflake has stiletto black patent leather with bondage-looking zips everywhere. I'm looking more for dark brown calf-length ones with fur insides, for outdoor wear, with soles that will be ok on ice and definitely leather, so I can weatherproof them. I wouldn't say it's not important what they look like, but they probably will not be a fashion statement.

Apart from all the shopping I have to do, and work of course - I have to go to the office one day to do all my decoupage and collage (as we call the submitting of expense claims, it involves vast amounts of glue), plus continue what I am doing in Tallinn, but just at home - I want to have a fairly restful time. I really want to see if I can get to the patchwork shop in the 11th, as I still need fabric for my needlebook lining, and tomorrow I will go to the rue Chabanais, in the hope of finding "Joyeux Noel" by Blackbird Designs. I'm sure she will have it, as she knows the BBD ladies, hopefully it has not sold out yet. The woman there is very nice, she has a NZ daughter-in-law, and always remembers me when I come in.

Now I'm logging off and going to do my stitching - La-D-Da calls!
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