Sunday, October 25, 2009
Warmth Update
Even though it continues to be somewhat warmer, I am in the middle of knitting this:

It's the ruffled Miss Marple shawl by Facile Cecile, a French designer - it's a free pattern, using one skein of Noro Kureyon sock and the same amount in length of Kid Mohair. The pattern says Rowan, but I am using one I got from Sommerfuglen in Copenhagen that is a very good match for the yarn. The ruffle is around the edge, and there will be several hundred stitches by the time I cast off.

I also finished this one just before the recent cold snap, it's a "pelerine" to go over my shoulders under a coat (or if the office heating goes off):
It's a Danish pattern from Sys Fredens, and the yarn is Noro Kochoran - I have leftovers, so I'm making a headband to match. Everyone at work admired this one, I get a lot of comments about the next one being for them - but I have offered free knitting lessons all round, although no-one has taken me up on it.
I hadn't realised, but virtually no-one else is in town this weekend, the Snowflake and her sidekick (who is sweet, but under the influence) disappeared on Friday morning early. Our PD is off to Paphos for a week of sunshine. I'm not sure why so many people go to Paphos, I much prefer Limassol or Larnaca, but I guess the sun is the sun, and there are some good deals.
Next week is my last week here before a week at home, which will be quite nice, although I have a huge number of things to do there. Last time I was at home, I was sick and I know there is a pile of washing to be done, plus I have to go lots of places like the doctor, the pharmacy, the hairdresser etc. I feel a lot better now, so let's just hope this continues.

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  • At 2:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

    I have to admit, I loved Paphos, but then again I didn't have anything to compare it with ... must say I did do a day trip every day though ;)

    Hope you survive your day at home - and having fun conversations with yourself and your plants LOL :D