Thursday, November 19, 2009
A Boring Week
We have a deadline tomorrow, so this week and most of last week has been spent testing things and dealing with errors. Plus lots more new people (not from our company, in general, but from companies who are helping our client with other parts of this project) have fronted up to ask me questions about things that I have got no idea why they are asking me or why they want to know in the first place.

Also we are in a new room, which is right by the lobby door in this building, since our usual room has been taken over for a training course. This room is very small, and we have seven people in it, mercifully not the Snowflake, who has not fronted this week. If she comes back next week, I may have to be ill or something and stay home. I am going to miss one day next week anyway, because I'm going home for the weekend and not flying back until Monday evening.

I think the only exciting thing I have done this week is to book my Christmas holiday, I've decided to go to thalassotherapy at Hyeres in the south of France for a week, because it must be warmer than Tallinn and probably warmer than Paris, and I can go there by train, and not by some horrible crowded plane. I mean, the train may be crowded anyway, but there are not all the other attendant horrors of the airport etc. I have not been to Hyeres before, so hopefully it is nice even in winter. I did think of going to Spain for thalasso, but it's impossible to find anything open that is reasonably priced. All the reasonable thalasso deals are either in France, or else in Morocco or Tunisia, which involves the whole airport thing, and thus cancels out the relaxing effect of the thalassotherapy!

Oh, I have to go............ someone has come in and said they have an error message that mentions the word "person", so of course it is I that has to look at it. I bet it is nothing to do with any of my customisations, but the word "person" is the trigger.
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