Sunday, January 17, 2010
Tallinn Again
This is the park next door to my apartment building in the centre of Tallinn. As you see, there is a great deal of snow here in comparison with the UK... I have to say the trees look lovely with the snow on their branches.

It's certainly a lot livelier here than Reading was in the snow, all the shops are open for one thing. I'm finding it a good deal easier to get around than last winter - I have my boots, which are quite good for walking on slippery bits and also I know where things are now, instead of just having to walk out into the white wilderness and find where I am going. The weather has actually been good since I got back, with very little wind or other unpleasantness, and we can see the days getting longer, a few minutes each day, which is good news.

I haven't been going out a lot, other than to work, but I did go for a bit of a walk yesterday, the Old Town looks so beautiful with snow, but parts of it are pretty hard for walking. I'll have to be braver the next time I am here for a weekend!
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