Sunday, February 28, 2010
Getting Out The WIPS
I had a nice birthday trip from Tallinn to Paris on Friday - it was punctuated by various texts and phone calls throughout the day. I was sitting in Stockholm airport waiting to board when David called me to sing happy birthday in a variety of voices. I was laughing out loud in the airport, people must have thought I was crazy! I had upgraded myself for the Stockholm to Paris leg, so it was a good trip, especially as the plane was totally full.

Since I am bringing stuff back from Tallinn on these last trips, I had a full suitcase too, and it was fun bringing that up the stairs - but I managed, which is a good indication that I am feeling fairly strong these days. I don't think I could have done that so easily a year ago. Yesterday I was tired, though - I slept in the afternoon for three hours, but then got up and did quite a few things, including hauling out the "travelling" bag of stitching, to work out what I should finish before my Nashville haul arrives. I spent last evening working on this:
It's from La-D-Da, one of my favourite designers, and I am aiming to finish it this week. It's on 32 count "country" linen from Zweigart, this is the sort of mottled linen, which I like very much. There are a few other small pieces in this bag that I have to get out and finish, you'll see them over the next little while, I hope. It's great, I suddenly feel like forging ahead with my stitching again - last year was a write-off really for stitching, sometimes there is a year like that. 2009 was not great all round, but 2010 should be better, I hope.

Today we have the "Big Storm" that is sweeping Europe, it seemed to start here about 5am, and there was rain for a time, but that seems to have stopped, and we are just getting gusts of wind, which is supposed to be up to 100 kilometers an hour. I think it will pass by late afternoon, and it is supposed to stop somewhere near Denmark tomorrow. The Bristish papers are saying that there will be five days of rain and high winds over the UK, I assume that must be a different bit of weather, because so far our one has not been too dreadful, at least in Paris.

I'm now going to look at some more Nashville releases, and may be tempted........ then back to the stitching.
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