Friday, March 12, 2010
Such Fun
Well, it started snowing again today - after a thaw, so the footpaths are nice and icy. Great, I loved going out to dinner tonight in that weather. Mind you, I have consumed prawn cakes, chicken curry and naan bread, plus rather a lot of NZ Sauvignon Blanc.

And remember the idea that I should go and work in Australia for a while? Well, what do you think about Hobart for the whole of April. Which means I leave Paris on 26th March - two weeks today!!! Apparently there is some crisis there....... it means that (as of now, it could all change tomorrow), I have to leave here on a Thursday, spend twenty four hours at home, then get on a plane for Singapore, Melbourne and Hobart on the Friday night, arriving in Hobart on Sunday morning. Before then, I have to go home next week for a couple of days, as I have to do a few things, like go to the doctor, the bank manager and the hairdresser, so basically I may as well take up residence at the airport.

This has all happened over the last twenty four hours, so little wonder that I am slightly disorientated at present. This will be my last weekend in Tallinn, so I have to do a little shopping, plus a lot of packing.

I suppose there are some bright spots, on my credit card I noticed a charge for my Nashville purchases, so they will arrive home before I leave. And I am making a lrge list for Singapore duty-free.
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