Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Other Side Of The World
I think I've recovered enough from the jetlag to describe my journey a little - my long journey, goodness, it was long with all those connections, including eight hours in Bangkok airport.

I had sleeper seats from Copenhagen to Bangkok and Bangkok to Melbourne, although they were not as good (or as expensive) as Air New Zealand sleeper seats. However I could at least stretch out and nap a little, so that was something. At Bangkok, I had a shower and sat in the lounge dozing, it was way too complicated to try and find anything else to do. Oddly enough, in the lounge there, they had beer and spirits, as well as regular soft drinks, but no wine. But, in this lounge, I put the last few stitches into my La-D-Da "Act Justly", as I hadn't quite got to them before I left. I now need to unpack the camera, and also whatever new stitching and WIPs I packed. Which I actually cannot remember, as it was all done in a blur. Not sure if there's any needlework shops in Hobart, so any advice will be gratefully received.

At Melbourne, there was the usual chaos - why do they make one lift one's suitcases through a security screener? I haven't been to any other airport that does this, I suspect that other airports do put all the suitcases through something behind the scenes, but it just seems weird making the passengers lift them up to do this after baggage claim. Not to mention that, after a long flight, some of us are not as coordinated as we might be, and drop the suitcase.

Finally I got to Hobart Airport, I was really quite exhausted by this time, and the taxi drive to my hotel seemed really long. I distinguished myself by pulling out 50 euros instead of 50 dollars for the driver. I've since put away all other money, but keep on saying "euros" instead of "dollars".....

The hotel is nice, my room, which is really a studio apartment, is actually bigger than my apartment in Paris. It's right in the centre, near the harbour, and the Salamanca Market, so is conveniently located. I suspect this is an expensive area, judging by how much everything is in the supermarket, athough it is confusing for me, as everything comes in bigger packets than in France.

I had to come to work on Monday, which I told our Resources Manager was cruelty to the aged. I was nearly asleep by 6pm, you can imagine, but yesterday and today have been better. I really, really hope that I get to take the public holidays on Friday and Monday, I need some time where I don't go anywhere and don't have any obligations.
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  • At 9:40 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Welcome back Down Under!
    Great to see the update, I'd been wondering how you'd been getting on with all the flights.
    In NZ, if they got you to work Easter Friday & Monday it would be double time plus days in lieu!